Monday, July 7, 2008

American Made Hand Tools

Snap-on USA

Over the last few weeks I have found new friends over at My Tractor Forum. It's a forum that discusses everything that has to do with tractors. I myself own three tractors and I have been a mechanic for most of my life. I don't work on tractors for a living so I ask advise from some of the more experienced fellows and ladies over at the Tractor forum.

Now when I do have to use tools to make make repairs or do maintenance I use my Made in the USA hand tools. I have a collection of tools from different manufacturers but they are all Made in the USA. I have Snap-on, Craftsman, S-K and Mac tools some Willams wrenches I inherited from my Father who taught me to be a mechanic. The Craftsman hand tools are made by the Danaher Tool Group as long as it says Craftsman and not Sears on the tool itself. Most Craftsman power tools are imported. It would be hard to determine which ones are Made in the USA so just look the tool over before you buy to see if it's a cheap Chinese import.

I have a roll around Snap-on tool box that I bought when I was an auto mechanic. I worked in a Cadillac/Rolls Royce dealer for a number of years after I got off active duty from the Navy. After that I went on to work for the railroad repairing and maintaining locomotives and passenger coaches so I know the feel of a wrench or socket that's going to do the job or not. I've owned some Japanese tools over the years but they didn't last. I advise my trainees not to waste their time and money buying tools made in China.

There are other American made tools that are of very high quality so let's hear some stories and suggestions from my friends at My Tractor and anyone else.

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