Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finding Products that are Made in the USA

This can be a bit of tricky procedure. It really isn't that hard to do though. As I continue to post up my links I will try and explain how it works. The regular retail stores are heavily invested in the Chinese and other foreign inferior products. They send their buyers out to find the newest styles for least amount of money. That's normal for any business to want to do, buy low, sell high. All the while they are purchasing products made in foreign countries that have no standards, no safeguards for their workers ands use inferior materials. They still sell their products at huge profits but the American consumer is cheated because they never know what they are going to end up with when they buy slave labor made goods from China and other countries.

You will see in my links columns that there are names of websites or stores and not just the name of the manufacturers themselves. These links take you to the stores where American made products are sold. There will also be links to the companies that do the manufacturing and sell from their website. In the links that go to stores, I'll use because they are very organized and have a good search engine, to find Shoes Made in the USA.

OK click here and open a window in a new tab". Go to the Search engine window and just to the right click on "advanced search". In the advanced search, choose men or women, casual or dress or whatever combination you are looking for. Then (I love this part) and in the category selector "Country" (second from the bottom) click to open the drop down menu and click USA! and then click search. Bingo, everything they carry that is Made in the USA in your selection will magically appear. Shoebuy is a very reliable website, take it from me. I own about 50+ pairs of shoes and I'd say about 15-20 pair came from Shoebuy. They have free shipping too! This is not an advertisement for, it is an endorsement by a satisfied customer. Gosh, I discovered they are now carrying Abilene boots! I tell you, wants your business because they aren't shy about carrying Made in the USA products. When I do my post on Hats made in the USA Shoebuy will be mentioned again.

OK, now you see a pattern developing here. You can go to virtually any site and check to see what they have that is Made in the USA by using their store search engine just by entering Made in the USA in the search engine box. I will post more links for sites that make or carry Made in the USA products and everyone is free to email me or leave links in the comments section when they find something or know of something.

We really can do something if we can just get people to examine what they are purchasing and maybe take that extra step to buy something that is made by fellow Americans. I'd like to see brick and mortar retailers get back to the point where they stock quality American made goods instead of always reverting to Chinese made inferiority.


Marie's Two Cents said...


I have another one.

Once I clean it off so I can see the company lol

You know the tags that Walgreen's sells to let people know you are asthmatic, diabetic, etc.. that you put on your key chain?

Those are made in the USA :-)

Marie's Two Cents said...


Good luck on the flow of information, I will fill you up LOL

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


You're getting me to think about things I haven't put a lot of thought into.

This blog will become a good resource for my shopping (and I hate shopping!)

I rarely buy clothes. But basic toiletry and such are a necessity.

J_G said...

Marie, there are so many of those types of things that are Made in the USA. There are specialty companies that make labels, dies, stencils, tags etc...

I found some online resource guides that identify US manufacturers and what they make. Here's one that shows US apparel manufacturers You can't buy directly from most of them in this list you have order bulk and most do custom services but there are so many it is unbelievable.

Word, I know most men don't like shopping but a man like yourself certainly likes to look good and feel good about his clothing. You will see that some American companies will carry things that look very nice and the price range varies according to amount of custom work involved and quality of materials used.

You know what is always so cool for me though is when someone says to me "that's a nice coat, hat or pair of shoes" then ask me where I got them. I say they are American made and I paid more than Wal Mart prices but these clothes shoes etc..will last and they come with this neat little American flag tag.

Teens and younger women go with the fashion of the week and that's fine. They buy jeans and tops that are the hottest and care little about who made them or where they came from. OK, you're always going to have that. Older and sometimes more conservative women like myself tend to want something that not only looks good but it has to have good quality and to me that is part of a good appearance.

Check this place out Word, it may or may not be towards your liking but the quality and pride of workmanship are all there. Columbia Knit Let me know what you think.

David said...

You might find it useful and interesting to read some of the manufacturing blogs...ones I think are very worthwhile include:

Evolving Excellence

Lean Blog

Fashion Incubator

Shop Floor

I also blog on occasion about manufacturing topics.

J_G said...

Thanks David, I checked out your blog and include you as I post the links to my resources as I go along.

I have been to a few plants around my area. I have recently been to the Bollman Hat factory in Adamstown PA and I bought some hats for friends while I was there. I talked with a few people there and they said that layoffs of around 100 or so are coming due to increased competition from the cheap Chinese imports.

I have to wonder though; is all this layoff business coming from the fact that management can assuage some guilt knowing it's the wrong thing to do but see there are contingencies in the free trade agreements that compensate employees when they fired from increased import competition.

I think American business management in many cases have become fat and lazy and do not have the "can do" spirit of prior American generations. I rail angrily and often about the "me" generation I have grown up with that will take the least path of resistence rather than do the right thing.

I have just got done reading the story of Camillus Cutlery that went out of business in February 2007. Many have blamed the Unions for the company's demise but the real fact was that a buy out company came in, bought the company and gave the union an unrealistic ultimatum of wage and benefit reductions. Then they waited out the inevitable strike, then went out of business after the strike was settled and sold off the assets.

This is a classic industry destruction technique that was perfected by people like Carl Icahn when he demonstrated it's effectiveness on companies like Eastern airlines back in the 80's.

The comments I hear about being the fault of unions are quite ridiculous if you think about it. The unions are trying to keep the standard of living up for it's members but the companies they work for are being forced to compete with Chinese slave labor wages with no benefits for it's workers or environmental restrictions.

Granted, union leaders have become unbending and out of control in some cases and the Union membership have to take control back of their unions because after all, THEY ARE THE UNION and leaders come and go.

It appears as though these trade deals are meant to just give away the hard fought standards that has made this country the envy of the world.

This happens because the very union members it affects are too busy watching the game and not getting involved with who is being elected. The politicians know this and are free to do as they wish. If there is anyone out there that thinks there are such things as free markets I've got some land in Florida to sell you. Does nayone think we are free to trade in China with our products? OK you got me, we can sell our steel, our textiles, our cars just in China like China does here in the US.

I'll probably put everyone to sleep with my rants but I'm going to keep going. Thanks for stopping by Dave.

Hal from Wausau WI said...

Hey - I'd like to tell you about some friends of mine that sell work boots online at their site called They only sell Weinbrenner boots there - and the ones that are made in Wisconsin are CLEARLY marked with an American Flag. Check it out. They also started a new site called that right now sells Weinbrenner - but will eventually sell other American made work boots.

Thanks - and I really like your new blog!

J_G said...

Thanks Hal. I have the Boot pro listed in my links but I missed Weinbrenner's somehow.